To a British medium: Irritated and confused

Sir, last month, I first subscribed to your magazine. What I’ve found most irritating during that period is that every single issue has been headlined by Brexit since. I understand that this topic continues to attract all the attention of British politics, caused by the profound and wide implications of the subject. I also acknowledge that Brexit as such constitutes an important selling point for the struggling media industry.

However, I feel disappointed that your publication fails to shed light on other important issues in Great Britain, more so than any other news source I regularly consume. Week by week, I’ve been awaiting the new issue of your magazine with great anticipation, just to find some more over-sensational headlines on Brexit in my hands.

This makes sense if your main customer is the spontaneous buyer at a train station say, looking for some entertainment. However, the subscribing customer may end up bored quickly, just as me. To secure steady revenue, the focus should be a different one.

As a consequence, I will not extend my subscription. It may well be that I’m not the audience of your magazine, but I’m usually interested in a wide range of political opinions. Hence, I’m left wondering about my self-perception and sharing my views with you.