Press & Talks

Selected Press Coverage

Sitra (2021): Digipower investigation

Der Standard (2021): “Studie zeigt: Datensammelei bei iPhone-Apps kaum besser als unter Android”

Politico (2021): “POLITICO Digital Bridge: Big Tech tensions — IPCC for digital? — US privacy redux”

The Times of India (2021): “Apps On Apple iPhone Track You As Much As Android Apps, Oxford Study Reveals”

The Register (2021): “What do iOS and Android have in common?”

Wired UK (2021): “All those pub apps you’ve downloaded are a privacy nightmare”

netzwoche (2021): “Neue Plattform soll manipulative Dimension von Apps eliminieren”

ICTJournal (2021): “Dark patterns: cet outil permet d’éliminer la dimension manipulatrice des apps mobiles”

IEEE Spectrum (2021): “New Tool Strips Manipulative “Dark Patterns” From Mobile Apps”

xataka (2020): “Más privacidad para tu móvil con TrackerControl, una app que bloquea rastreadores y analiza sus conexiones”

EL ESPAÑOL (2019): “La mejor aplicación para comprobar quién rastrea tu información”

Coverage by Regulatory Bodies

Bundeskartellamt (2021): “Insufficient consumer protection in mobile apps”

Federal Trade Commission (2021): “Bringing Dark Patterns to Light: An FTC Workshop”


Hertford College Oxford, Academic Soirée (2021): “iOS is always more private than Android – and other myths”

Oxford German Society Research Symposium (2021): “Is iOS really more private than Android?“

The Rise of Privacy Tech (2021): “Combatting Dark Patterns with Privacy Tech”

Academy of Law (2021): “Basics of AI, machine learning and law”

Hertford College Oxford, Academic Soirée (2020): “The Power of App Stores”

OpenRightsGroup Oxford (2020): “Digital Security Lightning Talks”

Hertford College Oxford (2019): “Lives at risk: Excessive data collection in apps”

PhD Open Day, Department of Computer Science Oxford (2019): “TrackerControl: Tame tracking in apps”