Europe, My Love

Dear Europe,

It hasn’t always been easy for you in recent times. I know that you’re trying hard, but there’s only so much you can do. Even the most ambitious political institutions have their limits.

I often wonder what life would be like, if you weren’t around. Norway and Switzerland seem to be doing fine, even without a close relationship between you. The Union affords great freedom, but wouldn’t we have this without you, too?

With my German passport, I get visa-free access to 189 countries in the world. When I go abroad, my credit card affords me easy access to the local currency. It’s almost as convenient as going to Bavaria, a part of Germany, where they also speak a somewhat other language.

The current break-up with the UK hits you harder than expected. Whilst you agreed to remain ‘mutual friends’, these days it seems like you two are your worst enemies. We’ve been there before, European states fighting another. The rest is history.

It is an ingenious idea to believe that nation states could work together effectively, and even more ingenious to do just that.

You’re envied by so many countries around the world, who have tried to replicate your efforts. No one has managed to replicate your success.

I think the most important thing about you is not whether things always work out for you. It is to keep up the belief in a better future.

Thank you!