The Data Economy: Beyond fixing?

Never before in human history have companies held so much information about people. They hold some of the most private details about some of the most powerful people on this planet.

Worse still, this power is untamed. Who can promise that these companies will not one day use the gathered information against their users? Manipulate unconsciously. Sway opinions. Destroy privacy. Aren’t they already?

And then, my private information is not only open to these companies, but also—party—the US intelligence agencies. How have we come here?

I want my privacy, as enshrined in German and EU law.

More importantly, I want fair representation. Neither did I only not elect the US government, nor the private companies. And still, these entities hold substantial information and power over my life.

Let’s hope for change.

Update: The Schrems II ruling by the European Court of Justice underlines that US intelligence laws conflict with the EU right to privacy and data protection.

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