Birthdays in quarantine

Today, it’s my birthday and I’m spending it by myself, self-isolating. And that’s alright. In fact, I love it.

The whole world out there seems to be going crazy these days. But, time will come. Things will work out again.

It’s interesting to take the crisis as an opportunity. It shows us how fragile and endless life is. What does really matter?

Living abroad, I don’t usually spent much time with my friends and friend from home. So, I wanted to make my birthday a special occasion and have a proper get together for my birthday, my first birthday party in 4 years.

I didn’t have a party, but it’s been special notwithstanding.

My family reached out to me on FaceTime, and so did many of my friends.

Whilst spatially apart, I’ve never felt this emotionally to my loved ones.

We’re finally taking time for another again, rather than always chasing something, prestige, success, whatever..

But, in times of crisis, this all doesn’t seem to matter anymore. What matters is the foundation of our existence.

I am full of hope that the crisis will end up changing society for the better.

This hope is likewise fear. Once the wind has settled, many things will quickly return to normality.

Let’s stay foolish.