Reading Diary

I love learning, it really makes me happy. At the same time, it makes me pile up books. This site keeps track of my attempt to fight back..

December 2020

Shadbolt: ‘The Digital Ape’

Davis: ‘How Artifacts Afford’

November 2020

Downe: ‘Good Services’

September 2020

Benkler: ‘The Wealth of Networks’

Bryson: ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’

Lessig: ‘Code v2.0’

July 2020

Rilke: ‘Briefe an einen jungen Dichter’

Huxley: ‘Brave New World’

Wu: ‘The Curse of Bigness: Antitrust in the New Gilded Age’

Benjamin: ‘Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code’

June 2020

Schön & Heilmann: ‘NEUSTAAT: Politik und Staat müssen sich ändern.’

May 2020

Feibelman: ‘A PhD is not enough! A Guide to Survival in Science’

April 2020

Butterick: ‘Practical Typography’

Truong: ‘Professional Web Typography’

Newport: ‘Digital Minimalism’

Carnegie: ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’

Eisner: ‘A Contract With God’

Rowling: ‘Harry Potter et la Chambre des Secrets’

Seneca: ‘Zum Vergnügen’ (Reclam)

March 2020

Goscinny & Sempé: ‘Le Petit Nicholas (Reclam)’

February 2020

Greenway and others: ‘Digital transformation at scale’

Voss: ‘Never split the difference’

January 2020

Zuboff: ‘The Age of Surveillance Capitalism’

December 2019

Remarque: ‘Im Westen nichts Neues’

November 2019

Borgatti and others: ‘Analyzing Social Networks’

Mankiw: ‘Principles of Economics’

September 2019

Goethe: ‘Fünfzig Gedichte’ (Reclam)

Ende: ‘Momo’

Kafka: ‘Die Verwandlung’

Bryson: ‘A Walk in the Woods’

Norman: ‘The Design of Everyday Things’

August 2019

Goethe: ‘Faust. Der Tragödie Erster Teil.’

O’Hara & Shadbolt: ‘The Spy in the Coffee Machine’

Hörhan: ‘Investmentpunk’

Concept copied from my friend Máté Kovács-Deák.